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Putting Knowledge to Work

Pontio is an important new gateway for businesses to access the expertise and facilities available at the University. Bangor has a long-standing track record for delivering high quality and award-winning business support focused on inspiring innovation, improving performance and promoting sustainability.

In particular the innovation space in Pontio will deliver a unique mixture of facilities and skills designed to encourage companies to develop new ideas and bring them to market. The Welsh Government’s flagship policy ‘Innovation Wales’ has identified the importance of adopting ‘Open innovation’ approaches as key in term of improving the competiveness of the Welsh economy.

Pontio's innovation spaces and facilities, knowledgeable staff and support services will help to close the innovation gap between Welsh enterprises, from micro-business right up to larger organisations as part of its core offering. Pontio has been supported with EU Convergence funding to build and equip advanced innovation facilities with the central aim of creating lasting impact with our business community.

Find out more about our ideas for innovation in Pontio.