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   Wednesday 23 January
   Thursday 24 January
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Fuel and Ovalhouse present

The Dark

Written by Nick Makoha
Directed by Roy Alexander Weise

Night is not the only darkness.

Nick takes a breath as he tries to remember.

Fragments of a forgotten journey flicker in front of his eyes. It is night, November 1978. He is four years old. He is holding his mother's hand as they wait on the escarpment. They are leaving Kampala. Buying safe passage and silence with all they have, they travel by matatu and the conductor asks no questions. Their companions are the missing, lost and displaced. Those who have suffered eight long years under the rule of Idi Amin.

The Dark is a story of the journey taken by a four-year old boy and his mother to escape a country divided by dictatorship and consumed by conflict.